Lübeck's history


Lübeck looks back on more than 1.000 years of history. 

Find out more about the most important moments of the city’s history and how and why she became the Queen of the Hansetic League.


The Event Highlights you will find here!

From Hanse Market to Maritime Mile - a varied programme is waiting for you!

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Explore Lübeck’s picturesque Old Town with merchants’ houses and the narrow winding streets, take a break in one of the flower-filled alleyways, and savour a coffee in a sun-drenched courtyard.

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Hanseatic Day 2014

The Hanseatic League & Hanseatic Days

History and new time in peaceful unity

There is still a Hanseatic League to this day, which renews its commitment each year and celebrates with the “International Hanseatic Days of New Time”.


The Hanseatic Days in Lübeck includes a top-class programme of events!

Whether you're a sailor or music fan, child or adult, Mediaeval specialist or theatre expert: this really is an event for everyone!

Hanseatic Days – join in!

Everyone is invited to take part in the Hanseatic Days!

Those of a curious mind who like meeting new people will be able to choose from some varied and unusual opportunities for taking part.


You'll find lots of helpful information about the Hanseatic Days here.

Immerse yourself in the Hanseatic theme and take advantage of these useful tips.

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