Celebrate your birthday the sporty way

The Lübeck marathon by "Stadtwerke Lübeck" celebrates their birthday this year as well. On October 8th 2017 the marathon takes place for the 10th time. The event organiser "Lübecker Marathon e.V." invites 20 runners, who were born in 1987 to participate for free. If 42,195 km, 21 km, 10 km, 4.2 km or 2.1 km - it doesn't matter which distance you would like to choose.

For registration please email your inquiry to info(at)hl-marathon-verein.de. If more than 20 people are interested, the decision will be taken by lots. All runners who are younger or older than 30 years can register on this website.

Celebrate the age of 30 the sporty way and enjoy the beautiful World Heritage site Lübeck during your run!