30 Overnight

2017: 30 years of UNESCO World Heritage Lübeck

1987 was the year when our seven spires and many more buildings and even streets - in short Lübeck's Old Town - gained the seal of approval UNESCO World Heritage. This title turns 30 in 2017. Lübeck has every reason to be proud of this award. Many cities and institutions have been trying to achieve this acknowledgement for decades. For us it's reason enough to celebrate with you!

According to the motto "30 overnight" we will introduce you to one "World Heir" every month of the year 2017 and have a birthday celebration with him. You can already look forward to exciting and unique stories about Lübeck and the World Heritage.

Of course, there will be numerous events and activities around the topic UNESCO Heritage Site of Lübeck, which we would like to keep secret for now. Just check this site every now and then and let yourself be surprised.

The Award

Lübeck's historic Old Town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. That was the first time that a complete Old Town in Northern Europe has been awarded this title. Its distinct and unique town silhouette with the seven church spires, the systematically projected layout of the town as well as the historic building structure of the Old Town were reason enough for the UNESCO committee to declare the Old Town a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

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