So many exciting new impressions are sure to make you hungry! It's fortunate that the "Queen of the Hanseatic League" has more than just amazing sights on offer, she also has numerous culinary attractions hiding within her walls.


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Lübecker Nudelkontor

In this restaurant all pasta is selfmade. You can compose your own menu if you want.


A true special theatre location is the "Dülfers" - the unique atmosphere in the imposing atrium was created by smart lighting techniques.


Restaurant Nord, located in the European Hansemuseum, creates a culinary bridge between the Hanseatic Cities.


The new restaurant Kartoffelspeicher serves delicious creations with potatoes such as baked potatoes in a cozy atmosphere right near the famous Holstentor.

Restaurant im Ringhotel Friederikenhof

Let them spoil you with superior wines and dishes from sophisticated regional and international cuisine.


Delicious traditional and extraordinary soups in different variations. Very delicious for a short break.