So many exciting new impressions are sure to make you hungry! It's fortunate that the "Queen of the Hanseatic League" has more than just amazing sights on offer, she also has numerous culinary attractions hiding within her walls.


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Bistro Vai

In the elegantly styled restaurant you can experience a modern interpretation of German, Italian and French influences with selected ingredients.

Time Out

Here you can enjoy chilled Cocktails like the "Swimming Pool" in a trendy 70s ambience and furthermore culinary US-classics like chicken wings, sandwiches and burgers.


L´Osteria is looking forward to present you Pizza Pasta and cool drinks in a nice atmosphere.

Restaurant Potters

Enjoy typical German cuisine at Potter's while overlooking the Obertrave.


Enjoy delicious Sushi and Asian specialities in this fine restaurant.

Marae - Kaffee & Zauberei

Marae is a café of the special kind. Here, things are being invented, conjured and not cooked.