So many exciting new impressions are sure to make you hungry! It's fortunate that the "Queen of the Hanseatic League" has more than just amazing sights on offer, she also has numerous culinary attractions hiding within her walls.


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Restaurant Yachtzimmer

Simply a legend: The fish-dishes in the "Yachtzimmer" are famous, but also the parfait of marcipane is second to none.


The restaurant even recommended by natural Koreans offers you traditional but also modern Korean food. They place value on regional and natural products.

Yam Yam

Being situated not far from the central station, the "Yam Yam" offers a selected choice of Chinese cuisine with its 20 different dishes. Reservation is recommended.

Nui to go

From Sushi to Sashimi - Thai cuisine and japanese cuisine is being served perfectly.

Johanna Berger / Das Restaurant

If you like it a bit more unusual here you are at the right place. The restaurant Johanna Berger serves delicacies like calf cheeks or brook trout but of course also vegetarian food.