So many exciting new impressions are sure to make you hungry! It's fortunate that the "Queen of the Hanseatic League" has more than just amazing sights on offer, she also has numerous culinary attractions hiding within her walls.


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Historische Gaststätte Schiffergesellschaft

The famous "Schiffergesellschaft" restaurant considers itself to be the "oldest pub in the world".

Lübecker Nudelkontor

In this restaurant all pasta is selfmade. You can compose your own menu if you want.

Brauberger zu Lübeck

The "Brauberger" is one of the oldest beer cellars.


The Sachers, placed right at the canal, offers you italian food, which includes pizza and pasta and some varying specialties from monday to friday. If you want, you can also have breakfast here.


Restaurant Nord, located in the European Hansemuseum, creates a culinary bridge between the Hanseatic Cities.

Im Alten Zolln

The house, former used by tollkeepers at the Mühlentor, is now a cosy bar and inn. Here you can enjoy ribald german food with one of the several tasty beers.