Shopping tour for furnishing artists

Design your comfortable home – a classy & relaxed tour for designer freaks and weekend architects. You want to change the wallpaper, properly re-furnish your apartment or simply find that wonderful little accessory that you didn’t even know you were missing?

You’ll find all the right advice and the style to suit you in Lübeck. You’ll already notice that the Holsten Gate, symbol of the Hanseatic City, exudes reliability and quality as you pass through it on your way into the Old Town.

The lighting specialists Mobiliar Licht & Raum are interested in more than just watts and volts. Like master chefs compose each customer’s favourite dish according to his or her individual taste, they offer tailor-made lighting for spaces of all sizes.

You’ll also find tailor-made bathroom design a few doors down at Bad Art. The complete range of bathroom fittings from the Italian designer Antonio Lupi is a feast for the eyes. Well then, once the lights have been installed, what will they light up?

Some beautiful crystal and porcelain artefacts perhaps? You can find them at Mellmann. And how can their exquisite detail best be emphasised?
Maybe perched on one of the valuable antique dressers or cabinets from Antic Engelsgrube (4). This hand-picked collection tracing 300 years of Northern German furniture design history fills two heritage-listed buildings.

To match this furniture, cutlery that wouldn’t have been out of place at the Buddenbrooks’ is available at Neumann Antiquitäten on Breite Strasse, as well as stunning vintage jewellery.

Bright colours, wood grain and striped patterns: in many parts of Lübeck the proximity to Scandinavia is tangible. It’s therefore not surprising to find Gunilla, the Swedish lifestyle specialists, on Königstrasse.

All the colours of the rainbow are to be seen on the upholstery fabrics and other decor materials at Galleria on Hüxstrasse – not to mention the matching furniture, glassware and many other decorative accessories.

A first-class culinary mix of styles awaits you at lunchtime. Vai is a classy gourmet restaurant only a little bit further down Hüxstrasse. Just like at home, where anything is allowed, the restaurant’s chef creates light and tasty dishes composed from the best of French, Italian and German cuisines.

Light and fancy free is also a good way of describing Michaelsen – Scandinavian Living. With all the bright and cheerful home accessories and toys here, you’ll get a glimpse of what it would be like to live in Villa Villekulla with Pippi Longstocking and her pet monkey Mr. Nilsson.

It just all needs to be presented in the right light, and the perfect light for this purpose could come from a delicate lamp purchased at the Galerie Die Produzenten. Four different Lübeck craft studios exhibit their works made from glass and gold here alongside colourful hand-woven tapestries.

Further suggestions for home decoration can be found at the mostly second-hand bookshop Makulatur. Their unique collection of interior design literature is matched only by their books on architecture, landscape gardening and town planning.

High-quality furniture and home accessories can be found not only in books. At Marwitzky Homestories the owner and interior designer Katharina Marwitzky-Winkler gives buyers helpful furnishing advice or develops professional design concepts

Following this, you will find yourself travelling back through time and into two historical homes. At the Museum Behnhouse Drägerhouse you can see the grand interior design enjoyed by the Hanseatic upper class during the Biedermeier era, as well as an exhibition of valuable works by great European painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, Edvard Munch and Lovis Corinth.

If you would like to buy some artwork, pay a visit to the Buch- und Kunstantiquariat Babendererde, whose collection of old engravings and historical books contains many hidden treasures.

Back to the future and into WohnHaus, a furniture store for modern living. Not only do they stock creatively designed tables, shelves and armchairs, but all the necessary matching decor accessories and kitchen utensils too.

No time to sit down here, but you can take a seat at Sitzen … und mehr, the ergonomic seating specialists. They also offer matching tables and back-strengthening beds…

Now that we mention the building up of strength – after your long tour, we recommend Ohana – just as commendable for its hearty breakfasts as for its cool evening cocktails.