Shopping tour for gourmets

Order of courses – fresh & delicious: Here gourmets, amateur chefs & connoisseurs are served well. Gorgeous delights, Tasty treats and richly decorated tables are waiting for you!

In Lübeck people have always known how to enjoy fine food. The Queen of the Hanseatic League’s cosmopolitan nature is expressed on menus and in table manners.

Your culinary tour begins in the St. Anne’s Museum, where you’ll find unique artistic treasures - including a full set of Meissen china. You would have to agree: Whether it’s decorated with a vine leaf or an onion design, only the most exquisite china has earned its right to be used for serving delicacies.

For instance some of the yummy cheese and antipasti specialties from Weinhaus Lübeck. As the name suggests this shop offers wines from all over the world as well.

In place of a dessert, we recommend tea from Urtica Tee und Heilkräuter. This Shop is specialized in herbal tea made of 200 medicinal herbs. Let the staff compose your very personal tea – all products come from certified organic production

There’s a feast for the eyes next door at Linea, where you’ll be treated to the most beautiful napkins, placemats and aprons for yourself and your loved ones at home.

Now back to the feast! A fleeting visit to the famous Café Niederegger is of course compulsory in Lübeck, where the marzipan cappuccino and hand-made marzipan miniatures speak for themselves – and taste great too.

Then visit the Schabbelhaus, where Roberto Rossi can show you how well local traditions can mix with international inspiration. In the historically furnished old merchant’s house, the Italian Roberto Rossi – who can be hired as a personal chef – serves classic dishes cultivated with Mediterranean ease.

A few steps away, at Weinhaus H.F. von Melle, you will be able to sample and buy all sorts of wines from around the world. Even experts like you will be astonished by the assortment here.

Don’t forget to take a peek inside Landwege. This market carries crisps, fresh products from the surrounding area, with all food on offer certified organic.

For the sweet end of this tour you might like to stop by Amaro and try the noblest varieties of coffee, finest chocolate of international chocolatier and selected liquors.