Shopping tour for individualists

Literal thinker – surprising & different: a tour for individualists, environmentally friendly persons and creative minds. Green is in - more and more people prefer to buy products that support sustainability – products that stand for personality and a modern way of life. Criss-crossing through the Old Town on our alternative tour through Lübeck, you will come to appreciate this.

For a start visit the unusual boutique Le Trou. Their offbeat, top quality fashion for women of all ages will no doubt suit you.

With beauty standards as high as yours, you obviously have to have superior clothing to match. In Laden 15, located in one of Lübeck’s oldest buildings, you’ll find a selection of extravagant fashion labels for her and him.

Afterwards, follow your nose to the next stop, discover the divine fragrance of freshly roasted coffee from Contigo as it wafts out into the street. Like all products in this organic shop – ranging from tea and candles to stationery – the coffee is fair trade.

More fair offers are available at Suppentopf in the form of out-of-the-ordinary takeaway soups freshly prepared from all-organic ingredients.

Refreshment for the ears can be had at A-Trane Records, a very small, very good music store with a focus on jazz, blues and folk.

Platinum, silver and gold are the preferred instruments used by the craftspeople next door at Panzerknacker Goldschmiede to achieve the right tone. All kinds of jewellery items are made from these materials here. Panzerknacker’s specialty is undoubtedly the wedding ring.

You can enjoy bread and buns that make you feel good at the Freibackhaus, which is supplied with a huge selection of oven-fresh organic baked goods from around the region. In Germany’s oldest organic, wholegrain bakery, you’ll find classic favourites such as spelt-flour bread alongside curiosities such as hemp bread or walnut bread.

Just a few steps away, allow yourself to be astounded by the Glockengießer Collection with its sophisticated collection of household linen. This family business creates its own curtains, tablecloths and blankets, designing a new line each year.

Lachmann’s Goldschmiede is another creative family business. Skilful hands bring your own personalised piece of jewellery into being.

Take a relaxing break at the cosmetic studio Löwenschön. The recreational wellness treats offered by Melanie Niendorf bring back into the centre of attention what deserves to be there: yourself.

The No. 1 address for a valuable picture frame is Ansichtssache, the gallery that builds frames according to your specifications.

Take a break at Miera, the award-winning Italian restaurant with its enchanting garden.

After your meal there’s definitely still time to visit the jewellery designer Antje Freiheit. Her contemporary gold, silver, steel and titanium creations are recognisable by their originality and clean designs.

Another unique shop is called Makulatur, which features a plentiful selection of  books, including large format illustrated books about architecture, building, town planning and landscaping.

A visit to the Theater Combinale offers the perfect end to the day. It’s not far at all – located in a picturesque backyard on Hüxstrasse. For 25 years free theatre performances are brought to the scene close-up.