Shopping tour for real men

Heroes’ square– easy-going: A tour for real men, nice guys and super heroes. We’re going to tell you where men like to do their shopping in Lübeck.

It’s best to start a city tour in the same way real Lübeck men have done it for centuries: from the water – aboard a ship. With its historical sailing ships, the Museum Harbour on the river Trave is worth the visit.

There’s a smell of freedom and faraway lands in the air here – not to mention the smell of excellently prepared, freshly caught fish. You should try some at the Fischhütte.

A feast for the eyes awaits you afterwards at Eine Philosophie nach Maß. The menswear specialist offers a smart and functional casual clothing range, as well as elegant tailored shirts and suits.

Tailored elegance: Already since 1937 elegant and high quality menswear of solid and genuine style is sold at Hans Frick.

The literary reputation earned by Thomas Mann is matched by the political reputation of another famous Lübeck citizen: Willy Brandt. The life and work of the former German Chancellor can be discovered at the Willy-Brandt-House Lübeck, where entrance is freee of charge. A multimedia exhibition brings the social democratic politician’s work to life.

Now back to art: At the Günter Grass-House you will not only see manuscripts from the famous author, but also some of his drawings and sculptures.

A few streets away Thomas Kohns’ barbershop is waiting for you. In a relaxed atmosphere you can get a stylish new haircut or have your three-day-beard trimmed.

You can get creative yourself at the unique Gürtelladen of Martin Mohrmann – just choose belt and lock yourself.

Of course you can always fasten that belt around your backpack and follow the call of the wild. The right tent for such an adventure awaits you at Globe Camp, the outdoor equipment and clothing specialists.

If you prefer indoor adventures, you’ll have fun browsing at Jessen Lenz: They stock the best computer games and the latest Apple iMacs, notebooks and iPods.

Whether at the computer or in the jungle, every man needs a pair of pants – or more to the point – jeans! That’s what Manchester Grosse offers in every size.

Also catering to everyone is the Pressezentrum, with DVDs, magazines, computer books and adventure novels.

Are you already thirsty? At Walter Möller’s you’ll find full-bodied whiskies and superb wines, some of which are exclusive imports. Of course you can taste them, treating your palate.

Treat your ears too at Andresen’s Music Shop with an enormous selection of instruments.

A more quiet atmosphere can be experienced a few Stepps down the road at the model builder Modellbauprofi. They offer everything from plane models to truck models, as well as colour and glue.

And finally, you can relax while listening to the musicians and live bands, at the pub “Im alten Zolln”, which has been a meeting place for all of Lübeck for decades.