Shopping tour for the curious

Eye-candy – original & different: a shopping tour for curious people, adventurers and explorers. Shhh, come with us! Not everyone gets to see what you’re about to discover. But just one thing: swear to keep our secret tips to yourself, okay? Good, then follow us!

We’ll meet in the Behnhouses sculpture garden, home of the Overbeck-Gesellschaft. In an exemplary show of civic action, this art appreciation society curates five outstanding contemporary art exhibitions each year, displayed in a new, modern extension of the historical Behnhouse.

You‘ll see another example in the community gardens, the so-called Bürgergärten. The soul of Lübeck, this green patch is hidden behind the Hospital of the Holy Spirit’s prominent facade. These rambling gardens are lined with modern sculptures, which, when seen as a whole, form a tranquil art oasis (entrance between the Hospital and the Behnhouse).

It’s also worth taking a look behind the facades of other buildings to catch a glimpse of the Old Town’s alleys and courtyards. Here, beneath the shadows of dignified old homes and massive warehouses, a very special little world is waiting to be explored by you. Flowers are blooming all around, cats slink past, and you can barely notice any sounds from the “outside” world. About 90 of the alleys dating back to the Middle Ages are still preserved.

You’ll be stopped in your tracks by the splendid candle holders and dishes in the display window of silversmith Werner and Margarete Oehlschlaeger nearby. This multi-award winning master craftsman has a preference for creating minimalist Bauhaus style shapes.

His hallowed containers would be well-suited to the neighbouring St. Mary’s church, which you’ll visit next. It’s the third largest church of Germany and features rich medieval paintings, the biggest ringing of bells of Schleswig-Holstein and a carillon with 36 bells from St. Catherine’s church in Gdansk.

Just as much devotion has gone into making the jewellery at Yvonne Sterly’s  shop. The goldsmith and gemmologist produces true artwork to suit your wishes and will gladly remodel your old jewellery too.

After a walk through the grounds of the old St. Anne’s monastery you will come to the St. Anne’s Museum, where even more shimmering gold awaits you. One of Germany’s most important collections of sacred medieval art is housed here. The neighbouring St. Anne’s Art Gallery provides a dramatic contrast to the magnificent icons, altars and other church treasures with its collection of modern art.

Right across the road is the smallest of all churches in Lübeck’s Old Town. St. Gille’s church , with its quiet courtyard sanctuary - the Aegidienhof – today houses the largest co-housing community in Schleswig-Holstein. In this very same location good works were carried out by the Beguines, who were benevolent religious ladies who helped the poor and elderly.

In utter seclusion, Blattgold  dedicates itself to old books. Printed works from times past are skilfully restored here. However the bookbinders are more than happy to provide you with your very own chronicle – longevity bound in a hard cover.

It’s at least as heavenly, if not more at Amaro, the culinary indulgence specialists. Their range features only the finest of everything, with coffee, chocolate and spirits for those in the know.

Another special treat for the senses is the subsequent excursion to the Füchtingshof and neighbouring Glandorpsgang, two green retreats in the Old Town.

Sensual experiences for the ears – audio books, are offered at Hugendubel at Königstraße, the bookshop with a tradition of more than 150 years.

Even older are the antiques and Lübeck souvenirs in Arno Adler’s bookshop, which stocks second-hand books alongside publications about the region’s history, geography and culture. You’ll definitely find some exhilarating facts to read up on while seated at the nearby Italian restaurant La Vigna – but only until the excellent food arrives!