Shopping tour for the super-hurried

A quick & effective meeting break: the perfect tour for business people and the shopper who is in a hurry. You‘ve just come out of a meeting. Your break is short. Time is money. Do you want to get the most out of Lübeck in a minimum of time? Then get going!

Luckily, the city centre is only a stone’s throw from the Congress Centre and the railway station. On the way to the Holsten Gate, the symbol of Lübeck, you will come to the Welcome Center: Here you will find a selection of both classy and funny souvenirs for your loved ones at home.

If you’d like to spread some fresh air in the conference room after your break, be sure to visit Douglas on Breite Strasse, where you will be able to pick out a scent to suit your tastes. There is an enormous range of aftershaves and perfumes here.

The selection of delectable marzipan treats is just as large at the Café Niederegger next door. You can inform yourself about the sweet’s unparalleled success story at the Marzipan Salon.

It had its part in the rise of Lübeck. The Gothic-style Town Hall across the road is the obvious symbol of the city’s advance to the status of “Queen of the Hanseatic League”.

If you would like to keep up with the news during your walk, you will find the largest German newspapers and magazines at Hugendubel on Königstrasse  – Lübeck’s biggest bookshop – where you can also buy the latest bestsellers for the trip home.

But what will surely capture your attention even more is St. Mary’s church , which features the highest brick facade in the world. Its Gothic ceiling is 38.5 metres high. St. Mary’s church set the style of northern German church-building: over 70 churches later replicated the original design seen in Lübeck.

A few steps further, at Karstadt, 21.400 square metres of consumer products of all descriptions await you, along with competent advice.

For exclusive men’s fashion, visit Hans Frick on Beckergrube Street. An inhouse tailoring service is included.

A little further towards the Untertrave flowers to fall in love with await you at Blumen Ploog. They create the most beautiful flower bouquets for you.

Every good business deal ends with a handshake, and every good tour ends at H.F. von Melle, the wine dealer with tradition. Relax and reflect on your city impressions while tasting wine. Perhaps you’ll discover a new favourite wine to take back home. Look at your watch! The next meeting is about to begin.