Shopping tour for trendsetters


Catwalk – hip and trendy! Here we go for the great fashion show through the Old Town of Lübeck for real trendsetters and creative trendscouts. 

The catwalk through the centre begins on the market square Markt.

Just a few steps away, Pressezentrum offers a wide selection of magazines and newspapers to keep you up to date about current events. In the pedestrian zone, mingle with the crowds and be sure to study the many case examples of living fashion around you.

Once you’re ready to fully immerse yourself, stop at Angelique Extreme and start with footwear studies. After putting on our stylish sneakers from Puma, Lacoste or Gola, it’s time to make giant steps and continue our journey.

Once we’ve arrived at Fleischhauerstrasse, we stop to study even more shoes at Joyas with brands such as Diesel and Kickers.

For those of you who, in addition to pursuing new trends, are also keen on skiing on powder snow and surf the blue waves, Boardrider is the right address. A wide range of comfortable attire for skaters and surfers is available here together with a suitable assortment of equipment and gear.
Now let’s return to our casual stroll through town. In addition to carrying its own fashion line and hip brands such as Only, Blutsschwester and Kling, Cyroline also allows you to print your own custom t-shirts from a large selection of colours and designs.

Although you may not know it yet, your favourite Thai restaurant is situated right next door! Nui to go offers mouth-watering Thai cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Ok trend scouts, let’s get back to work. But before we take off, let’s order a Sushi-Bento “to go” and then thread our way through the streets … so, are you full now?

Our fashion transformation continues – now it’s time for a new haircut. Just a few steps away, we arrive at Skalp, the hip hairdresser in Hüxstrasse with an ‘open door’ policy and staff who’s always friendly.

We saunter on to Kailua and when we exit, we hop onto our new skateboards. Kailua has skateboard bearings and accessories, practical gear and appropriate attire from many different brands.

But if you’d prefer simply listening to music then go to Ohana where professional DJs spin tunes from Thursday to Saturday. Enjoy delicious cocktails, good food and the classy party with beach feeling every time of year.

Without beach feeling, but pretty impressive is the collection of modern painters ranging from Ernst Wilhelm Nay to Andy Warhol at St. Anne’s Art Gallery. This is a good time for us to rest and recuperate from our little shopping spree and absorb some of the cultural offerings.

The Jazz-Café is impressive in a completely different way. Here, delicious cocktails are on the table and music of Lübeck musicians is in the air.