Where does the mask obligation apply?
Anyone wanting to enter a shop in Lübeck and use the bus, train or taxi must continue to cover their mouth and nose. Mouth-nose coverings are everyday masks, scarves, cloths and other cuts made of fabric that are suitable for completely covering the mouth and nose. Excluded from the regulation are children up to the age of six as well as drivers of buses, trains and taxis.

Can I spend my holiday in Lübeck?
From now on, it is permitted to enter the Hanseatic City for tourist purposes again. Hotels, holiday apartments and campsites are open. We are happy to help you with finding a suitable accommodation.

Is a passport document necessary when traveling to Lübeck?
No, it is not.

Do guided city tours take place?
Tours for groups in English and other languages can be booked via us.

Is it possible to visit the museums again?
The museums of Lübeck are now open again (under certain conditions). The wearing of a mouth-nose cover is obligatory during a visit to all museums.
www.die-luebecker-museen.de and www.hansemuseum.eu

Are there any performances taking place at the Lübeck theatre?
There will be no performances until the 28th of August 2020.

Are there guided tours of the Town Hall?
Guided tours of the Town Hall do not take place at the moment.

Are there currently any events taking place in Lübeck?
Events of a seating character in public spaces are permitted with up to 250 persons. You can find out about events with a limited number of participants that are taking place at:

Are the public toilets open?
The public toilets are open.

Are restaurants and cafés open?
Cafés and restaurants are open again. Please respect the distance and hygiene regulations of the location. Please make a reservation by telephone or online. If you wish to visit a café or restaurant without reservation, you are asked to leave your contact details on the spot. Some restaurants or cafés also offer a pick-up or delivery service. You can find an overview here.

Can playgrounds be used again?
Playgrounds can be used again. Please pay attention to the hygiene regulations at the playgrounds.

Are the VOI and Lime e-scooters in operation?
The e-scooters in Lübeck can be used again. Wear gloves to stay protected and wash your hands before and after using them for safety reasons. Also maintain the safety distance please.

Are there any restrictions on bus transport?
The public transport in Lübeck and Travemünde offer regular services. Passengers must cover their mouth and nose with masks or scarves in buses. Please keep in mind: Buy the ticket at the ticket counters. The service centres are open regularly.

Do the weekly markets take place?
The weekly markets in Lübeck continue to take place. Please pay attention to the required distance.

Are there any tours of the MS Hanse?
The MS Hanse started their hourly tours from Pötenitzer Wiek to Travemünde again. The tour between Lübeck and Travemünde is availble 6 x a day again, with consideration of the official requirements. Departure times: daily from Travemünde at 11 am | 3 pm| 5 pm, daily from Lübeck at 10.30 am | 1 pm| 5 pm www.hanse-travemuende.de

Is Boat Now open again?
The e-boats are back! There are no further conditions required.

Do harbour and canal tours take place in Lübeck?
Yes, the regular harbour and canal tours are taking place again.

Are churches open?
Services and religious events are again possible under certain conditions.