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©die LÜBECKER MUSEEN - Fotos: Michael Haydn©die LÜBECKER MUSEEN - Fotos: Michael Haydn©die LÜBECKER MUSEEN - Fotos: Michael Haydn©die LÜBECKER MUSEEN - Fotos: Michael Haydn

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Monastery Church in the World Cultural Heritage

St. Catherine's Church - Katharinenkirche in German - on Königstraße was built in 1300. It is the church of the former Franciscan abbey and the only one of three former monastery churches preserved in Lübeck. As a church of a mendicant order, it was built without a spire and it was dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The clear and light brick building served as a Franciscan centre for the entire Baltic region. A special architectural feature is the two-story choir. Separated by a rood screen with a significant Triumphal Cross group (ca. 1450), the lower choir is located at ground level under rows of columns. The light-flooded upper choir rises above, accommodating the monks' choir stalls. From here, they had immediate access to their dormitories in the abbey, today's Katharineum. At the left side of the entrance is a plaster cast of the St. George group by Bernt Notke; the original (late 15th century) is at the Stockholm Storkyrka church. To the right of the entrance at the narrow south side facing the Königstraße is the masterpiece by the Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto, "The raising of Lazarus" (1576). Ernst Barlach designed the cycle of figures for the niches of the richly structured facade in 1929. He created three of the figures himself, while the others were made by Gerhard Marcks after World War II.

St. Catherine's Church underwent extensive renovations from 2011 to 2016. 

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9th April - 18th October| Thu. - Sun. | 12.00 - 16.00 Uhr

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