Behind the ancient walls of the TheaterFigurenMuseum Lübeck lies the world's largest collection of theatre puppets, stages, props, posters and barrel organs - gathered over three centuries and from three continents!

The TheaterFigurenMuseum is located in the very heart of the romantic Old Town and houses a unique treasure-trove of exhibits documenting the centuries-old tradition of puppet plays in all its many facets.

This has all evolved from the dedication of Fritz Fey Junior, the son of a family of puppeteers.

The tour through the museum leads through the winding narrow alleyways of the 400-year-old merchants' houses and is also a journey back through the cultural history of our world. The puppets recount Indian myths, Chinese customs, African tribes or German fairs.

Guided tours through the exhibition are offered in German and English. There is even a museum quiz for young people and adults.

The Puppet Theatre Lübeck next door offers the full spectrum of modern puppet plays for grown-ups and children, ranging from "Rigoletto" and "Othello" to the "Rider on the White Horse" or "Sleeping Beauty".

Tip: The famous Holsten Gate is just a few steps away.

Opening Times:
Due to renovation works, the TheaterFigurenMuseum will be closed until the end of 2019.

Adults        € 8.00
Reduced    € 4.00
Children (6-12 years)    € 2.50
You will find a complete price list here.

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