Willy-Brandt-House Lübeck

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The museums in Lübeck are open. Please pay attention to the applicable hygiene regulations.

The Willy-Brandt-House in the heart of Lübeck's Old Town is dedicated to the outstanding statesman, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and son of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. There is also a programme suitable for children.

Dramatic staging and multimedia services are used, which allow visitors to gain a much better understanding of the German history of the 20th century. The permanent exhibition of the German Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation shows photos from all stages of the famous politician's life.

Official documents, which include the letter to John F. Kennedy written immediately after the Berlin Wall was built, and the manuscript of the government declaration from 1969 with the famous slogan "let's dare more democracy", are just as much part of the exhibition as Brandt's school leaving certificate or a letter to Nora, his daughter living in Norway.

Interview transcripts and newsreels show the public appearance of Willy Brandt from his time as mayor in Berlin up to his resignation as German Federal Chancellor.

Opening Times:
Daily 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
(closed 24.12., 25.12., 31.12. and 01.01.)

Guided tours:
Sat and Sun 3 pm, free admission
free of charge

Willy-Brandt-House Lübeck
Königstraße 21, 23552 Lübeck
Tel.: +49 (0) 4 51/1 22 42 50
E-Mail: besucherservice(at)willy-brandt-luebeck.de

Tip: "Hunting for clues with Billy the Cat"
A treasure hunt for children and young people

Young visitors to the Willy-Brandt-House have their very own programme:
The idea is to match up and find the original objects on around 50 small cards which show small sections of photographs, exhibits, and even the rooms and parts of the housing technology. The children and young people use their detective skills to quietly creep around and hunt for the well-hidden motives.
A number of questions are asked: Why is there an eagle wearing a crown on the flag, why isn't there a father on the family photo? These can all be answered by Billy the Cat. How does he know it all? Billy was born on the same day and in the same house as Willy Brandt and as we all know that cat's have seven lives, he accompanied him his whole life long.

After the treasure hunt, Billy the cat will narrate tales to anybody who wants to find out more on Willy Brandt and his life just by using the interactive children's chip card. So, in addition to the children having fun in the Willy-Brandt-House and getting a first-hand account of German history, the parents also have the opportunity to stroll around the museum with their happy and entertained children.