OFF course


"Lübeck - off course" is the topic of this year's culture catalogue which shows a selection of insiders' tips we'd like to strongly recommend for your individual excursion.

It will be a special experience, indeed: free, colourful, alternative, surprising and different from what you might expect from a city like Lübeck. In either case, it will definitely be a discovery tour, which you will never forget.

Theater Liebreiz

Cabaret & variety show presented in a lovingly redesigned circus wagon in a romantic, luxurious atmosphere. 

©Ingo Wandmacher

Stages in Lübeck

Culture all around us - Lübeck and Travemünde offer a variety of stages with extraordinary programmes. 

©Kulturbüro Lübeck

Look on Lübeck

Finest street art! Extraordinary and colourful art decorates the streets of Lübeck. 

©Anja Döhring

Our home: Lübeck and Travemünde

When the streets of Lübeck are the fundament: spectacular tricks, stunts and a mix out of free running, breakdance and floor acrobatics united in a brilliant film about Lübeck.

Outing am Bunker (Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus)

Large scale art right in the middle of the historic St. Gilles's quarter. 



Jazz, funk & soul from September 7th-10th 2017: four days finest music taste. 

©Travejazz e.V.

Nordic Film Days

THE most important festival for Nordic cinema on the European continent and highlight for numerous film lovers in Lübeck. 

©NFL - W.D. Turné

Rider's Café

Where blues, rock, techno and metal come one after another. 

©Rider's Café


Former harbour sheds which still dispense the scent of the great wide world. Today there are maritime locations for different events. /


Border Documentation Site Schlutup

East Germany within arm's reach and thank God, it is history! 


Lübeck's nights of culture

For nocturnal culture lovers and those, who want to become one. 

©Gero Brandenburg -

KulturRösterei mit dem theater23
Culture - freshly roasted! Look forward to cabaret, theatre and music surrounded by the finest scent of coffee. 

Music & poetry: THE cultural bar in the heart of Lübeck. Always live, always fantastic.

Alternative e.V. auf der "Walli"
Alternative is written in capital letters. The Walli offers a cultural programme off the mainstream. Save the date: May party on May 1st at the Walli.

Slam A Rama
Lübeck - what a poem it is. The poets from Lübeck present their excellent verbal art in different locations in Lübeck.

Partying hard to loud electro beats!

Indigo Café
A location, where jazz music feels at home. It is definitely worth to give a listen!

A real masterpiece! Coffee party with live music and dancing class.

Kleines Hoftheater Lübeck
Location for artists, performance groups and associations with a special attention on the twenties and burlesque.

Blauer Engel
A café for students with living room atmosphere and small concerts of alternative bands and DJ's.

Contemporary music for inquisitives - Mouth piece for the versatile present and experimental music scene of young and already established composers.