Puppet Theatre Lübeck


When visiting Lübeck it's definitely worth making a detour into the Puppet Theatre Lübeck. The imaginatively staged marionette theatre with fairy tales, operas, plays and children's stories is an absolute delight.

The puppets in the marionette theatre may come to life: Hand puppets, marionettes, tabletop theatre puppets and rod puppets are the main actors in operas and fairy tales, animal fables and tragedies and entice children and grown-ups to enter into the world of fantasy.

The theatre is located next to the TheaterFigurenMuseum. The five 400-year-old merchant's houses open their doors to a collection of puppet figures from Europe, Asia and Africa that is unrivalled worldwide. The complete stages on exhibition are a veritable treasure trove and certainly worth a visit.

Kolk 20 - 22
23552 Lübeck
Tel./Fax: +49 (0) 4 51/7 00 60

Closed until 22nd September 2018 for renovation.