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Lübeck is also a city of music. Every day during the semester lecturers and students from the University of Music take part in concerts and events. This includes the Brahms Festival in spring which is a particular highlight.

Captivating art enjoyment

The golden letters of the University's "Musikhochschule Lübeck" twinkle in the sunlight. Otherwise, there is little on this façade composed of historic and modern elements that suggests what occurs inside this building on the River Obertrave. Only after entering the inner sanctum of the concert foyer through the violet-coloured, double-winged door, does it become clear that music reigns within these rooms. The most beautiful and prestigious of Germany's University's of Music evolved from a total of 22 historic merchant houses in the heart of Lübeck's Old Town and is the only University of Music in Schleswig-Holstein. It is the largest concert organiser in Schleswig-Holstein with around 300 concerts a year. All those interested in music and who appreciate the ambience and casual international atmosphere will quickly become regular guests. The students stand on the threshold of their training process into becoming a professional stage musician. They give samples of their musical skill in music classes, class evenings, exam concerts, symphony and choral concerts, opera performances, or studio concerts. The main focus is on a classic education but jazz, rock and pop are also occasionally to be found on the programme.
Famous lecturers from the University of Music delight audiences during the annual Brahms Festival, a week-long event held in May, with familiar and less well-known compositions from the late Romantic period.

Visitors can listen for free to performances and exam pieces from students studying a variety of different styles, most evenings outside the holiday period at 5 pm and 8 pm.

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