Tour 1: Lübeck-Travemünde

©Bernd Schmidt
©Bernd Schmidt

This bike ride will take about half a day cycling at an easy pace along the old canal tow-path on the south banks of the River Trave to the Herreninsel and continuing on to Travemünde.

approx. 17.5 km

Start at the Castle Gate: Follow "Travemünder Allee" to the railway bridge, then turn right into "Glashüttenweg", continuing along "Torneiweg" and through "An der Hülshorst". At the end, follow a wide woodland path into "Schellbruch" arriving at the tow-path (the path is in a bad state at present) and following this up to the romantic fishing village of Gothmund. Take the path along the upper slope or along "Fischerweg" to the edge of the village. Then turn into "Gothmunder Weg" following the hiking path and keeping to the left of the woods - go between the banks of the Trave and a dredger discharge pool until you reach the gravel path leading to the exit at the "Herrentunnel". Cross the tunnel portal to reach the "Am Stau" stop. The shuttle bus runs every 10 - 15 minutes, there is an on-call service at night. Get off at the "Siems" stop and cross the pedestrian lights following the signs. Turn left at "Kieselgrund" and go under the B 75. At the next junction, go straight on over the railway crossing and after 100 m slightly to the right. Go straight over at the next fork in the road and then towards Pöppendorf (the path is in a bad state at present). There, turn left into "Pöppendorfer Hauptstraße" and on exiting the village turn right into "Ovendorfer Straße".
In Ivendorf, turn left at the village pond into "Frankenkrogweg", then left into "Ivendorfer Landstraße" which will take you to "Teutendorfer Weg". Cross over the railway line, then turn left into "Travemünder Landstraße". Follow "Torstraße", then turn right into "Kirchenstraße". Here, you will reach the Priwall forecourt, from the "Vorderreihe" you pass the jetty to reach the Trave promenade leading directly to the Baltic Sea beach. Trains from "Travemünde Strand" or "Travemünde Hafen" leave every hour for the homeward journey.

Tip: Relax in a wicker beach chair on the beach before your return journey