Tour 2: Lübeck- Rothenhusen


Always in sight of the water! This tour takes you along the Elbe-Lübeck canal and is one of the most popular cycling routes around Lübeck.

Lübeck–Rothenhusen along the Elbe-Lübeck canal approx. 24 km

Cycling from the "Finkenstraße" car park turn left at Restaurant Lachswehr into "Lachswehrallee" and then cycle along the cycle- and hiking path on the right following the canal to Berkenthin. Behind the Berkenthin locks, cross the canal using the pedestrian bridge, go past the church and turn right in "Ratzeburger Straße" (B 208). Then cycle into "Disnacker Weg" until the tarmac ends and then take the gravel path through the woods, again back onto the tarmac path and then a cobbled street, always heading towards Groß Disnack. At the edge of the village keep left and after about 50 m turn right towards Holstendorf. Cross over the "Hauptstraße" behind Pogeez rail crossing and at the end the road "Immenberg". Follow a narrow path until you reach Lake Ratzeburg. Cycle left onto the hiking path along the banks of the lake towards Rothenhusen. If you have enough energy for the return journey, take the "Dräger-Wanderweg" (15 km more). Everybody else can take the boat from Rothenhusen across Lake Ratzeburg. The train to Lübeck leaves every hour from there.

Tip: A boat trip on Lake Ratzeburg is definitely one not to be missed!