Tour 3: Along River Wakenitz

©Sven-Erik Arndt
©Sven-Erik Arndt

The tour takes you along the "Drägerweges". The cycle path runs continuously between Lübeck and Rothenhusen almost parallel to the idyllic River Wakenitz.

Along River Wakenitz on the "Drägerweg" approx. 20 km

This tour begins at the "Moltkebrücke", turn left into "Elsässer Straße" and follow the signposts for the cycle- and hiking path, directly along the banks of River Wakenitz. The hiking path briefly stops at "Isegrimmstraße" but continues after about 100 m. Cycle past "Am Kleinen See", initially along the railway line, go under the underpass turning left and after a few metres you will reach a small railway bridge, cross over this, then keep left on the hiking path. Cross over the road "Feenwiese" and continue along the hiking path until Restaurant Müggenbusch with its large coffee- and beer garden and the Wakenitz shipping jetty. If you're not ready to go back yet, then continue to the tourist café Absalonshorst. You can also visit the lookout point "Löwenstadt" here. On the return journey, take the same hiking path to the small railway bridge, but don't cross over it, instead follow the hiking path to the left until you reach the road "Osterweide". Then turn right into "Weberkoppel". You'll meet up with the hiking path again but this time you will be be cycling on the west side of the Wakenitz. Follow the path until "Wallbrechtbrücke", and cross over the bridge and cycle until you reach a major intersection. Turn left at this point into "Walderseestraße" which will take you back to your starting point at the Moltkebrücke.

Tip: Take a break in the school garden on the banks of the Wakenitz