Lübeck Masterclass


Stone on stone: The "Lübeck Masterclass" city walk shows examples of "Mighty works arising from small stones" leading you to some of Lübeck's architectural masterpieces from the Holsten Gate to the Cathedral district.

Lübeck Masterclass - from Holsten Gate to St. Mary's Church

Duration approx. 60 minutes without visits (not a guided tour):
Holsten Gate, Salt Warehouses, Puppet Museum, St. Peter's Cathedral, St. Anne's Art Gallery and St. Anne's Museum, St. Giles, Hüxstraße and St. Mary's.

Start at Holsten Gate, the world-famous symbol of Hanseatic self-assurance. Cross the River Trave behind the striking salt warehouses and turn right into the street "An der Obertrave". Turn left along the "Kleinen Petersgrube" to the "Kolk". There turn right to where the Theatre Puppet Museum is - an amazing, incredibly diverse collection of marionettes and glove puppets covering four floors. Continue along the "Kolk" to the "Großen Petersgrube" with St. Peter's spire towering above you at the northern end. Climb to the top of the tower to gain the most perfect impression of this picturesque town with its millions of red bricks. Back at the bottom again, continue along "Schmiedestraße", "Pferdemarkt" and "Parade" to the next milestone of Lübeck's architecture: The cathedral lies in the most peaceful corners of the Old Town. It is a Roman three-naved hall church and the oldest place of worship in Lübeck. Go in a northerly direction, the "Fegefeuer" branches off  and opens into "St.-Annen-Straße".  Here you will find St. Anne's Art Gallery and Museum located in the former convent of St. Anne's. St. Giles, the smallest of the churches in the Old Town, is tucked away in a sleepy corner just a few steps further on. Now follow "St.-Annen-Straße" into the "Balauerfohr" and turn left into the "Hüxstraße". The perfect chance to take a break for a bit of shopping or a quick visit to the "Queen of Gothic brickwork", the mighty church of St. Mary's behind the Town Hall - a model for numerous churches in the Baltic region.

Tip: Alleys and courtyards, typical Lübeck
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