• Jürgen Rehbock

    Out of town! Bus driver Jürgen Rehbock takes a break and heads for the Schellbruch nature reserve.

  • A journey into medieval times

    Travel back to Lübeck in the year 1510 with our guide Bernd Thurau, who accompanies you through his home town dressed in a Lübeck merchant’s robe. He takes you on an evening walk through the old seafarers ' district and shows you Lübeck's hidden treasures behind the merchants' houses - the alleyways and courtyards.

  • Ruth Loebe

    The image weaver Ruth Loebe has her home at the Castle Gate. She lives and works here for 20 years. She says that she creates paintings with wool, using her loom. She likes the many small craftsmen’s ateliers in the Old Town. Her most beloved place is a small Portuguese café at Große Burgstraße.

  • What girls like to do

    Medical student Lotta Sydow is a newcomer to the feel-good capital Lübeck. She is a passionate rower and loves to do bar hopping with her 12 girl friends from the rowing club. Their most favourite spot to chill and chat is the Ohana bar at Hüxstraße where the girls grab some food and listen to good music.

  • Christmas - the merry merry time of year!

    Lilly Röder is looking forward to the winter, because she declared Lübeck’s Christmas market her most favourite spot. She particularly enjoys the Secret Santa’s forest and the kids’ skating rink at the Christmas Wonderland at the Obertrave embankment. Her tip: discover all the 7 Christmas worlds of Lübeck.

  • The all round carefree package

    At our Welcome Center the fabletastic Alexandra Grothe and her colleagues give you all the information about Lübeck's most beautiful sites and are happy to book an accommodation for you. At the cafe bar you're invited to enjoy a cappuccino while browsing through our leaflets. Just drop by. We're happy to have you

  • Sailing is great fun

    The Harnack family enjoys life in Lübeck – daddy, mummy and five children. Their hobby is sailing and their favourite spot is the family boat on the river Wakenitz. Here's where one can feel the fresh breeze and set one's soul free. The Dräger parc playground is just a few steps away.

  • Telse Halske

    Telse Halske loves the steep coast of Brodten in Travemünde and the stream gauge "Pegelhäuschen".

  • Culinary moment

    Star chef Christian Scharrer works his magic on you at the “Buddenbrooks” restaurant at the A-ROSA hotel in Travemünde. His favourite spots are the fishermen’s harbour and the Old bailiwick where he likes to enjoy a cup of coffee.

  • Dr.Specht

    Lübeck is great says Henry. Timo Specht and his son Henry show you their favourite spots in Lübeck's Old Town and at the Wakenitz river. During summer the public pool is perfect for swimming, a pedal boat tour and a cycling trip along the water. For soccer matches the two head for the Phönix sports ground.

  • Watching the big ships

    Wolf-Rüdiger Ohlhoff, a hobby historian from Travemünde. He loves to sit at the pier at the promenade or in a beach chair, where he likes to watch the big ships and the faraway sea.

  • Sailing at your fingertips

    Swen Schnell lives his dream of sailing. His favourite spot is his ship “Jennifer” which is anchored in Travemünde’s harbour. What he loves most is a sailing trip with his crew. His tip: Visit Travemünde during the Travemünde Sailing Week - the most beautiful one in the world - and experience sailing at your fingertips.

  • Harry Luedtke

    Tight lines - freshly caught fish. Fishing master Harry Lüdtke from Travemünde hopes for a good catch.

  • Musicians in Lübeck

    The three Venezuelan students of Lübeck’s Music Academy live in Lübeck for three years now and love the city – particularly the tasty marzipan. Their favourite spot for some dancing and cocktails is La Havana, a South American bar at Engelsgrube.

  • Passat Ahoi!

    Klaus Grope has been sailing the sea since his 17th birthday and is still crazy about life at sea. Not surprisingly his most favourite spot is the Passat.

  • The Jedecks - a couple of pastors

    The two pastors Jedeck invite you to discover “their” church – St. Jacob’s, located in the former seafarers’ district, and to enjoy an organ concert performed on the Stellwagen organ from 1467.


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