Castle Monastery & Castle Gate

Burgtor zu Lübeck bei Nacht ©LTM - Torsten KrügerBurgklosterinnenhof Europäisches Hansemuseum ©Olaf MalzahnInnenansicht Burgkloster Europäisches Hansemuseum ©Thomas Radbruch

Castle Gate
A bulwark in red and black
Lübeck is alive - and so the town is constantly being altered and renovated. The Castle Gate is a wonderful testimony to this. The oldest sections of these city gates originate from the 13th century. The defiant tower decorated with red and black bricks was added during the late Middle Ages and the curious bronze dome originates from the early baroque period. Remnants of the medieval city wall are also preserved here.

Castle Monastery
The most significant monastery in North Germany
The castle monastery dates from 1229 and today is the most significant medieval monastery in North Germany. In the course of its lifetime it has fulfilled many functions: After the Reformation, it was used as a poorhouse by the city, later as a courthouse and remand prison and finally as a cultural forum.Now The European Hansemuseum of Lübeck opened its doors for visitors. Based on high academic standards, this interactive museum focuses on the Hanseatic League: The fascinating world of merchants during the Middle Ages, the mystical world of the clergy and the modern-day Hanseatic League.

Hinter der Burg 2-6
D-23552 Lübeck 

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