Churches in Lübeck

Discover the churches in the City of the Seven Spires and experience more than 750 years of Gothic brickwork.

St. Mary's
Germany's third largest church is a model for numerous Gothic brickwork churches in the Baltic area.

St. Peter's
Built during the Romanic period, extended during the Gothic period, destroyed in the Second World War and then rebuilt again.

Lübeck Cathedral
The three-naved pinnacled basilica from the Romantic period is the oldest place of worship in Lübeck.

St. Giles'
One of the smallest of the five major churches in the Old Town with the added attraction of a carved choir.

St. Jacob's
The Seafarer's Church is a church of pilgrims, organs and remembrance. A lifeboat also commemorates the sinking of the four-masted barque Pamir.

St. Catherine's
It is the church of the former Franciscan abbey and the only one of the three former monastery churches preserved in Lübeck.

Model at the market square: Here, you can see and feel all the churches.

Tip: You will find magnificent views across Lübeck and the surrounding area from the top of St. Peter's 50 metre-high viewing platform - on a good day, you can even see as far as the Baltic Sea!