Hospital of the Holy Spirit

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Visit one of the oldest hospitals in Europe: The Hospital of the Holy Spirit. During the Advent period it plays host to Lübeck's best-known arts and crafts fair.

It is a proud testament to civic pride and charitable giving and represents social progress during the Middle Ages: Even during this period, the sick and elderly were taken care of. A worthwhile testimony to the proud Hanseatic town.

Standing in the centre of the Old Town, the centuries-old Hospital of the Holy Spirit has barely altered. It is one of Europe's oldest social institutions and was still in use during the 60s.

Gothic frescoes deck the porch, the nave is divided into tiny chambers, so-called cubby-holes known as "Kabäuschen".

Am Koberg

Opening Times:
April – Sept.: 10 am - 5 pm,
Oct - March: 10 am - 4 pm
(closed Mondays)