Museum Harbour

©Sven-Erik Arndt
©Sven-Erik Arndt

Take a visit to the Museum Harbour in Lübeck's Old Town and discover the Lisa of Lübeck and other historical traditional sailings vessels, it is also possible to sail with them, too.

Centuries are tied up here.

Behind the 100-year-old swing bridge, lies the home port with more than 20 seaworthy, traditional sailing ships. The old sailing ships were acquired  and restored by lovers of traditional seafaring and are now berthed at the Untertrave against the picturesque backdrop of Lübeck's Old Town.

The historical ships come to life when out on the Baltic Sea - why not take a trip!

Travemünde provides Lübeck with access to the Baltic Sea
The people of Lübeck protected their city by building inland but secured their own access to the Baltic Sea by purchasing the fishing village of Travemünde in 1329.

Tip: Day trips are available on the Lisa of Lübeck, a reconstruction of a 15th century caravel.