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You will love the many museums in Lübeck: from the Willy-Brandt-House to the Buddenbrook House to the European Hanseatic League Museum.

Holsten Gate
The Lübeck landmark is probably the most famous of Germany's city gates and a proud symbol of Lübeck's economic success during the Middle Ages.

Buddenbrook House
Once home to the grandparents of Thomas and Heinrich Mann, the Buddenbrook House named after the novel now houses a museum.

Günter Grass-House
The house is a "Forum for Literature and Visual Arts" and a tribute to the Nobel Laureate's dual talents.

Museum Quarter St. Annen - Museum & Art Gallery
Both buildings house valuable art collections spanning different centuries.

Behnhouse / Drägerhouse

The two merchants' houses from the 18th century have a fantastic art collection on display.

The house portrays the fascinating life of the Nobel Prize Laureate Willy Brandt.

Museum for Natural History and the Environment
The original skeleton of a whale and an informative exhibition on natural history awaits visitors.


This is the world's largest museum of its kind and presents a fascinating, varied collection of theatre puppets.

Industrial Museum History Workshop Herrenwyk
Take a visit to a permanent exhibition on the working lives and living conditions during the 20s and 30s of the 20th century.

Border Documentation Site 
Focusing on the Lübeck area, this memorial site documents the inner division of Germany.

European Hanseatic League Museum
The history museum is the first of its kind to focus on the rich diversity of the Hanseatic League and provide its insights to a wider public.

Tip: Museum Night on 27th August 2016.