"Dancing in the streets" is meant literally at the HanseKulturFestival. The dance floor is in the middle of the street, but also at other places you'll feel rhythm in your blood and legs. A spectacle for everybody: those who rather want to watch and those who would like to shake a leg. Celebrate life in Lübeck and dance with us!


TLC Cheerleader TuS Lübeck 1893
FR, 5.30 p.m. • SUN, 1 p.m. ● dance area Wahmstraße
The different age groups of this association regularly and successfully participate in championships. At the HanseKulturFestival you can watch the experienced ladies as well as the small ones aged between 6 and 11 years.

Join dancing and singing
SA, 15 and 16 p.m. ● VHS Lübeck, Hüxstraße 118-120
At 3 p.m., Wiltraud Wagner will show easy circle dances from all over the world that everybody can learn while being accompanied by happy music. At 4 p.m., Ikhlas Gorges conveys oriental dances, which are danced on celebrations in his home country Iraq. Previous knowledge isn't mandatory.

Dance floor Wahmstraße
FR to SA, all-day ● Wahmstraße
There will be a separate dance floor this time at the HanseKulturFestival. In the middle of the main mile you can see various performances by Lübeck clubs and dance groups, private initiatives and professionals. From cheerleading to breakdancing and tango, whether active to join in or to watch: The desire to move will infect everyone.

Illusion & longing
SA, 2 - 4 p.m. • theater Combinale, Hüxstraße 115
The DisTanz-Ensemble, consisting of Laura Beier, Marie Louise John and Alina Tereschenko, uses the motifs of illusion and longing in individual dance, lyric and musical sequences. The program is supported by the Academy of Diversity, Movement Art Marie Louise John and the House of Cultures.

Teatrodanza Workshop
SA, 10.30 p.m. - 12 p.m. • SUN, 11 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. Uhr • BewegungsArt - Marie Louise John, Königstraße 97-99 • admission € 5, - (6-11 participants)
This workshop is open for curious and dance-loving adults, who are interested in getting to know contemporary dance techniques. Through the developed sequences everybody becomes a good dancer while having a lot of fun. Please bring comfortable clothes and non-slip socks or gymnastic shoes.

FR, 6 p.m. • SU, 2 p.m. • Aegidienhof
International Folklore and circle dance are made for the pretty and colourful Aegidienhof. With live music the dancers get animated to do a quick leg swing, taking part is absolutely desired!

SU, 3 p.m. ● dance floor Wahmstraße
Everything revolves around the Tango on Sunday. From a short history of this dance style and an open-air milonga, it then goes into a trial lesson for tango enthusiasts. No registration required, just come by and let the hot rhythms steer your feet. There is live music from the quartet "Quattro Chicas"

Break dancer of the Kinder- und Jugendhaus Röhre
SU, 12.30 a.m. -2 p.m. ● dance floor Wahmstraße
This young break dancing group consists of 5 teenagers who have been dancing together for some years and have developed their own style over time. By the way, most dancers in this group are female, which underlines the increasing popularity of this sport.