Guided Tours


A piece of art is waiting to be discovered by you in every part of our city. To help you to find all the hot spots, you'll get a guide to accompany you. In an entertaining and enjoyable way, the guides share their background knowledge and passion for Lübeck with you.

Kultour - home port Hanse
SA, 4 p.m. (term of 2 hours) • meeting point: Wahmstraße 8 from 15.45 p.m.
Did you ever want to go on a musical walk through the Old Town with the ensemble of the music academy? Your dream comes true then. You can experience at least 6 stations: singer-songwriter, classical singing with a harp, guitars and fiddles, vocal ensembles or even chamber music. Every station is a surprise: follow the creative students in the houses of the Old Town, courtyards and much more.

Voyage of discovery to the times of the Hanseatic League
SU, 11.30 a.m. and 12 p.m. (ca. 90 min) ● meeting point: Obertrave, Liebesbrücke • admission € 15 (children € 7,50) tickets at the meeting point, at or ring +49 451-20218635
Did you always want to know how a pharmacist or a merchant lived and worked in the 15th century? Together with the city guides of Lübeck you will go on a journey into the past, which gets alive through the Hanseatic people of "Hansevolk" at various stations in the St. Giles' district. Small performances with a merchant, a maid or a pilgrim will resurrect the everyday life of the medieval age.

St. Giles' from the inside
SA, 3 and 4.30 p.m. • St. Aegidien
Pastor Thomas Baltrock of St. Giles' will invite you on a journey through the smallest and most eastern church of the island-shaped Old Town. You can find real treasures in this 5th spire (from the left) of Lübeck's city silhouette.