Lübeck's special treasures aren't big or loud. It's the hidden corners, small alleyways and beautiful town houses that make Lübeck unique. Ever wanted to spend time in the living room of Lübeck? Look out for the LübeckSalon. Our locals become your personal host here. You might like to enjoy a coffee table, listen to a chamber concert or experience a tour through the lovingly restored houses of the alleyways - peeking through the window is a thing of the past.


1 JahrKulturTafelLübeck
SA, 12 - 17 p.m. • Wahmstraße 71
The association Kulturtafel e.V, which was founded in May 2017, celebrates its first birthday and wants to invite you to join their garage sale. They inform about their work and look forward to having a conversation with you. From 3 p.m., the quintet "Sieben Türme" will attend the event with jazz sounds. The profits from the garage sale is used by the association to convey left-over tickets of Lübecks stages, concerts halls and museums to people who cannot afford them.

Lichtblick 63
SA and SU 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. • Dr-Julius-Leber-Straße 63
Lichtblick 63 is an institution for addiction care by the Vorwerker Diakonie. Here, people are able to meet each other in abstinence. Besides general information about the institution, there will be a soap stone and clay exhibition as well as an open garden with an exhibition. Kids can make pendants made of soap stones and visitors can look forward to a delicious barbecue.

Trial lessons in Alexander-technique
SA, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Wahmstraße 71
Georg Schmidt is a teacher for the Alexander-technique, which is a learnable method for self-help against tensions, back pain or stress at work. The host will welcome you with coffee and cake and will introduce you to the proven techniques. After this you will be prepared for relaxed visits of other offers on the HanseKulturFestival.

Associations of Lübeck 
FR until SU, all day ● Wahmstraße
Not everyone is lucky enough to be located in the St. Giles' quarter. Come visit the stands of Lübeck's associations presented alongside the festival's main routes. Every association comes up with special promotions to call your attention and present their work. Many do honorary community service and welcome your support. Stop by and say hello! Better together!

Businessfrühstück Lübeck e. V. • DRK Kreisverband Lübeck e. V. • Frauen Café Druschba/DIE LINKE • HanseBelt e. V. • Haus- und Grundbesitzerverein Lübeck e.V. • Inner Wheel Club Lübeck • Lübeck Rangenberger Karnevalsgesellschaft von 1950 e. V. • Lübecker Aids-Hilfe e. V. • Lübecker CSD e.V. • Lübecker Flüchtlingsforum e.V. (Solidaritätszentrum) • Offener Kanal Lübeck • Ortskuratorium Lübeck der Deutschen Stiftung Denkmalschutz, Bürgerinitiative Rettet Lübeck e. V. • Rotary Club Lübeck • Tanzclub Concordia Lübeck e. V. • Trisport Lübeck e. V. • Unicef e. V. - Team Lübeck

SA and SU, 15- 19 p.m. ● An der Mauer 84a-e
The residential project of Marli GmbH has some hidden objects in the street An der Mauer. The residents invite you to discover the courtyard and find some treasures at the garage sale over a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. Come in!

Lübecks secret places
FR, from 6 p.m. - SAT and SUN all day - Stavenstraße 35
From the street the house looks inconspicuous, but through once you find yourself in a wonderfully enchanted courtyard. And under the fig tree with a cold beer or wine the backyard can be experienced properly, children can experiment with clay. The adjacent art studio in the back house is the scene for music, readings and art.

Greenpeace Lübeck
FR, 7-10 p.m. - Wahmstraße 43-45
Who Greenpeace is and what Greenpeace does should be known by everyone by now. But the local group Lübeck would like to draw special attention to their work and invites you to inform yourselves at their information booth. The offer is complemented by a series of interactive games and activities for old and young.

Association for Family Research
FR, 5-7 p.m. • SA, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. • SU, 2-6 p.m. - Aegidienstraße corner Schildstraße
The association for family research deals with the history and the inhabitants of different Old Town houses, also with the house in Aegidienstraße 33, which goes back to the 13th Century. There are a lot of things known from the inhabitants back to these days and these things just wait to be spread.

FR to SU, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Klughafen, pier near skating park
SoBOOTia is the solar boat initiative Lübeck, which is based at Stavenstraße. The charitable association, which has its teaching mission in renewable energies, converted a sports boat into a solar boat last year. In addition to plenty of information about the work of the association test drives are offered, on top there is a small music programme.

Düveken corner
SA and SU, from 1 p.m. - St. Annen-Straße corner Düvekenstraße
Two hostesses of these two streets get together here and invite you to take a seat! Enjoy snacks and drinks relaxed in a lounge chair and chat with the residents. In the meantime discover readings, exhibitions and workshops. This corner is full of creative potential!

Pathway café
SA, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. - Passage, Wahmstraße 46 in front of house number 16
The so-called passage, which connects Wahmstraße and Aegidienstraße, is part of almost every guided city tour. Much to the chagrin of some residents, who have to let somebody look into their front rooms. Time for a little offensive, you are kindly invited! The hostess of house number 16 invites to coffee and cake.

Service with priest Thomas Baltrock
SU, 10 a.m. • St. Aegidien
The uncontested centre of St Giles' district invites to service! The smallest and most eastern place of worship of the churches of the Old Town celebrates the HanseKulturFestival, the St Giles' district, life! According priest Thomas Baltrock reads wisdoms from the bible. Join in!