When shopping becomes an adventure, that's when you know you are at HanseKulturFestival. Music inside the stores, offers on the streets or just a nice talk with the retailer next door. The most beautiful and versatile shopping streets can be found all over the festival area. On Sunday, the shops will open according to the motto "Lübeck sounds in the occasion of the HanseKulturFestival" and invite you to join numerous events and make one or another bargain.

Leap in time
The district of St. Giles' was once the district of craftsmen. Once? No, actually it still is. At least you get that impression when you stroll around in the area of St. Giles'. There you can still find the traditional workshops beyond the industrial mass production. Sometimes it gives the impression as if the time had stood still. The small old houses north of the Mühlenstraße and in between ,again and again tiny workshops, which owners you can observe from the street through the windows when they do their work: cobblers, potters, tailors, bookbinders, saddlers, violin makers. Urgency is a foreign word and would distort the character of the district. Calmness and peace are widespread and turn any shopping spree into a holiday.

Lübeck sounds for the HanseKulturFestival
Open Sunday shopping
SU, 1-6 p.m. • total old town and further places
Only for the HanseKulturFestival the Sunday shopping shifts one week later and will sound in a special way! We will reach a real enrichment and bundling of the "lübsch" musical landscape. In front of numerous shops different musicians will entertain you musically and accompany you while visiting galleries and cafés, retails and workshops. Like that, you can buoyantly enjoy your shopping trip!