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Lübeck is a realm for connoisseurs, with the perfect harmony of two fine delicacies. You are sure to enjoy our world famous marzipan and Rotspon wine. A packet of marzipan hearts and a bottle of Rotspon is the perfect gift to take back to your loved ones at home.

Marzipan is just as much a part of Lübeck as the Holsten Gate is. The tasty treat is the world-famous local product of the Hanseatic city. And if "Lübecker Marzipan" adorns your purchased treat, then you can be quite certain that the marzipan comes from Lübeck itself and is subject to the stringent high demands the Lübeck manufacturer imposes on itself. For example, the sugar content has always been particularly low.
You can find more information on the delicacy originating from the orient here.

Besides the exquisite marzipan, the Queen of the Hanseatic League is also famous for its Rotspon.
Rotspon is a low German expression. It originally meant red chip, ergo red wood. The connection of the name Rotspon with red wine resulted from the intense red colour of the wooden casks in which red wine was stored. The label "Lübecker Rotspon" applies to red wines from France which are brought to Lübeck in wooden barrels. The wine is stored here until it is ready to be bottled and then bottled in keeping with the old tradition. French wine has been greatly "refined" in Lübeck since the 17th century. But it was only in the year 1806 that French officers first perceived the improvement in quality as a consequence of being stored in Lübeck's wine cellars. The Bordeaux from Lübeck tasted considerably better than the red wines from home.

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