Brauberger – hearty feasting

€ 20.00 per person

A beautiful building: between the shiny polished coopers a freshly drafted beer tastes even better, because it is directly made in the house! ‘Brauberger’ is one of the oldest beer cellars: the juice of the barley has been produced since 1225. An irresistible temptation for beer lovers: We show you how Lübeck’s Zwickelbeer is brewed and afterwards you enjoy the delicious fresh beer, a hearty meal and the unique atmosphere of the taproom with the cooper brew kettle.


      • brewery tour
      • brewer feast (incl. spit roast, smoked pork chop, cabanossi, warm bacon salad, cabbage salad and one glass of Lübeck’s Zwickelbeer)


      Price per person: € 20.00
      from 10 persons


      all year
      latest tour start at 6.00 p.m.


      Lübeck und Travemünde Marketing GmbH - Gruppen
      Holstentorplatz 1
      23552 Lübeck
      +49 4 51 / 88 99 700