Free toilets


Do you know that feeling when you're out and about in town and urgently need to make a call of nature? And, of course, there isn't a public toilet in sight. This can really spoil your shopping mood or a sightseeing tour, but a solution has been found in Lübeck's town centre.

Selected restaurants and cafés offer their own toilets to the public free of charge. Catering establishments taking part in the scheme have a "Nette Toilette" sticker on the entrance door. Which means you can have a relaxing time visiting the city or doing a spot of shopping.

Besides the stickers there are also flyers marking public WCs and "Nette Toilette". The flyers are available in German and English and can be found at all major contact points for citizens and tourists. The Hanseatic city of Lübeck was the first community in Schleswig-Holstein to introduce the "Nette Toilette" scheme and is a pioneer in the region.

So far, the following catering establishments are taking part in the "Nette Toilette" scheme.

Stadtteiltreff-SOFA, St.-Annen-Straße 1
Brauberger zu Lübeck, Alfstraße 36
Restaurant Lübke`s Speicher, An der Obertrave 21
COLE STREET cafe bar gallery, Beckergrube 18
La Theatre Theater, Beckergrube 13 – 17
Hotel Alter Speicher, Beckergrube 91 – 93
Cantina Marina Old Inn, An der Untertrave 36
Sachers, Hüxterdamm 14
Kochlöffel Lübeck, Holstenstraße 24
Barcio, An der Untertrave 106
Friends, Mühlenstraße 75
Sultan Palast, Mühlenstraße 64
Café Traffico, Pfaffenstraße 14-16
Motel One, Schüsselbuden 15
Café Calma, Hüxstraße 67
Cafe Central, Hüxstraße 13
Alte Schmiede, Mühlenstraße 9
Marlistro, Königstraße 15
Werkhof Lübeck, Kanalstraße 70
Tony´s Pizza Team, Breite Straße 63
REMIX, Königstraße 26
Lübecker Marzipanspeicher, An der Untertrave 97-98
Coffeehouse Mocca, Wahmstraße 9-11
Marienkrankenhaus Lübeck, Parade 3
Mengwirtschaft, Megstraße 22
Gyrosland, Königstraße 114
Parkhaus Am Holstentor, Possehlstraße
Parkhaus Am Burgtor, Kanalstraße
Parkhaus Falkenstraße, Falkenstraße
Naturbad Marli, Alexanderstrasse 2b
Naturbad Falkenwiese, Wakenitzufer 1b

in Travemünde:
Bellavista Restaurant, Kaiserallee 1
Travemünde Huxmanns Pavillon, Kaiserallee 59
Travemünde Seglermesse, Priwallpromenade 33

You will also find more information at the Lübeck Waste Management offices:
Tel.: +49 (0) 4 51/ 70 76 00.