Parking with a car


If you are travelling by car to Lübeck and want to explore Lübeck's Old Town, we'll be pleased to provide you with information on parking spaces and multi-storey car parks close to the town centre, parking fees, the "bread roll button", mobile phone parking and fee refunds here. By the way, free parking is available in Possehlstraße, all other parking spaces and multi-storey car parks are subject to charge. It is easiest if you park in front of the Holsten Gate and explore the Old Town on foot.

You can find an up-to-date list of car parks and multi-storey car parks with details of their charges as well as a map here.

Actual car park occupancy

Additional information on:

Mobile phone parking
Now you can conveniently pay parking fees without cash. Simply by making a call with your mobile phone. No need to get a ticket, no need to decide how long you want to stay beforehand, afterwards only pay for the exact amount of time your car was parked in the car park. And, if you use your car for business purposes, bookkeeping will be made much easier through regular parking fee invoices.

Bread roll button
A quick trip to buy bread rolls from the bakers in the morning, dash into the chemists to drop off a prescription or nip into the bank for your bank statements? There are 29 Pay and Display machines and the "Bastion" car park in Lübeck's Old Town  where the "first 10 minutes"of chargeable parking hours from 10 am to 6 pm are free! You can obtain a free 10-minute ticket by pressing the green button on the machines.
Disabled parking town centre

(sorted alphabetically)
An der Untertrave/ corner Alsheide
An der Untertrave/corner kl. Alte Fähre
Beckergrube opposite Theater Lübeck
Domkirchhof at the Völkerkundesammlung
Dr. Julius-Leber-Strasse in front of the registration offices
Fleischhauer Strasse/ at No. 45/55
Gerade Querstrasse/Obertrave/Gr. Petersgrube
Hundestrasse between
Hüxstrasse/at No.55
Hüxterdamm after Hüxtertorbrücke towards town on the right
Kanalstrasse/at Klughafen-Brücke
Königstrasse/corner Aegidienstrasse
Königstrasse/corner Dr.-Julius-Leber-Str.
Königstrasse/corner Hüxstrasse
Königstrasse/at Behn House/Dräger House
Krähenstrasse car park/corner St.-Annen-Straße
Mühlenstrasse/corner Musterbahn
Musterbahn in front of Mühlenteich
Parade opposite catholic church
Car park between Braun- and Fischerstrasse
Wahmstrasse/lower section
Wakenitzmauer/corner Glockengießer Strasse
Wakenitzmauer/corner Gr. Gröpelgrube