Sunday opening & Late Night Shopping in Lübeck

LTM_Torben Conrad
LTM_Torben Conrad

Shop without the constraints of time and everyday obligations. Have fun and relax while shopping in Lübeck. The Sunday opening days in the Hanseatic city are always an event. The city rouses itself from its Sunday slumbers between 1 pm and 6 pm.

A great many shops open their doors and have attractive promotions on offer. They turn a Sunday stroll through Lübeck's Old Town  into a lovely, relaxing shopping event. The CITTI PARK Lübeck also opens its doors on these Sunday afternoons and provides  eager shoppers with everything under one roof. Different mottoes are selected for the Sunday openings, accompanied by music and a wide variety of events in and around the shops to make shopping even more fun. Enjoy the colourful life of Lübeck's town centre on the following Sunday afternoons:

19th July 2020 • Travmünder Woche
8th November 2020 • 62. Nordic Film Days

More information about open Sundays can be found here.