The Königstraße - the "cultural mile" of the Old Town

©Theresa Muus©Theresa Muus©Theresa Muus

Königstraße lies parallel to the pedestrian area of Breite Straße. Culture meets trade here and modern hustle and bustle meets historic façades. Shopping, suppliers replenishing stocks mingled with busy Lübeckers on the way to their next appointment - it all goes on here. When you shop here, you are right in the thick of true Lübeck everyday life.

Mühlenstraße and Koberg are connected by the long shopping mile but it also has many other different guises. Real treasure troves such as Boutique Geoffreys, the furniture shop Gunilla or the goldsmiths "das kleine kra" sit like small pearls dotted along a chain of everyday use. But differences exist here too. Even if you're just really looking for a nice birthday card, you'll often end up in the in-house gallery at Hünicke again, or looking for a few new towels in Betten Struve with its spacious and light-filled premises. It all  can turn into a relaxing time-out away from the bustling crowded streets. A real Must for any Lübecker is a quick detour into Buchhaus Hugendubel. You'll find that the contents of many a Lübecker's entire living room bookcase - spanning pre-school reading to the first romantic novel up to current political biographies -  all came from here. 

If from here you go towards Koberg, you will be getting closer to some of the top artistic addresses in Königstraße. One of these is the Löwen Apotheke with its listed façade and magical conversions in its interior. But it is in the Kunsthaus Lübeck with selected works of Classical Modern and contemporary art where it all really comes together. And when strolling through the exhibitions in the Behnhouse diagonally opposite, you can quite well imagine how a time-honoured Lübeck merchant must have felt in his own home.

After so many impressions, a little light refreshment sounds good. Pop into one of the small side streets such as Pfaffenstraße or Glockengießerstraße for this. You'll find the the Günter Grass-House there too, by the way, as well as the Chocolaterie Amaro - two of Lübeck's finest Old Town tips!